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Till Tomorrow

(Joe Draper)
I want to hold you and it’s cold
I can’t believe I let you go

Seems like forever since we said good-bye
Please know I never wanted you to cry

I’m all alone standing in the rain
I find myself in a world of pain
‘Till tomorrow
And ‘though it’s over or so it seems
I turn around and you’re in my dreams
‘Till tomorrow

I think of all the times we shared
And how you showed me that you cared

If I could see you one more time
And make believe that you’re still mine. . .

Words and Music Written and Arranged by Joe Draper
Lead and Backing Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars and Bass Guitar: Joe Draper
Drums and Percussion: Ken Mosley
Mixed and Mastered by Nate Gray

Produced by Joe Draper

Recording Engineer: Patrick Bosse
Guitar Solo Tracked by Joe Draper
Published by Joe Draper Music [ASCAP]
All Rights Reserved