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JOE DRAPER: Free Music!


(Joe Draper)
Promise if you call me tomorrow
I’ll be by your side

I’ll swing by your house and we’ll go for a ride
We can drive down the street and smile at the children
Playing in the park
We can walk up the hill and stay ‘till it turns dark

Know that if you wanted to see me
I would have the time
We could make a day that’s yours and mine

I could sing you a song that always reminds me
Of when I’m with you
I could make you a wish and hope it would come true

Promise if you call me tomorrow. . .

Words and Music Written and Arranged by Joe Draper
Lead and Backing Vocals, Electric Guitars and Bass Guitar: Joe Draper
Drums and Percussion: Ken Mosley
Mixed and Mastered by Nate Gray

Produced by Joe Draper

Recording Engineer: Patrick Bosse
Published by Joe Draper Music [ASCAP]
All Rights Reserved