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JOE DRAPER: Free Music!

This Is My Holiday

(Joe Draper)
I cruised down to Puerto Penasco
And searched until I found a room
With a beat-up guitar and a cooler
A busted lid and empty tomb

Losin’ my sense of time
My, don’t the girls look fine
Dancin’ my blues away
This is my holiday

I headed on into the city
And had myself a drink or two
I ended up on the band-stand
And rocked till Satan tapped his shoe

First, I was chased by Federales
Then, the Policia
Then I was chased by a little seniorita
Gotta keep a comin’, keep a comin’
Keep a comin’ back now

Music Written and Arranged by Joe Draper
Lead Vocals, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar and Drums: Joe Draper
Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Joe Draper
Published by Joe Draper Music [ASCAP]
All Rights Reserved