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Reviews of Joe's new album "Dignity Of Rebellion" May 2012

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!
author: Jordan Hurt
This guy can WRITE! I love his music, play it all the time! He's a BEAST at guitar. His solos are completely original and blow your mind! Buy this album! You WILL NOT regret it! :)

Dignity of Rebellion
author: L Torres
If there were more stars to rate this I would give more. I LOVE the new music that the Joe Draper Band has put out. I have followed Joe for 6+ years now and I not only have the actual CD, but I have it on my laptop, my Ipod, my phone and my work computer and whenever I feel like rocking out, I listen to it. This is by far the best I have heard and it is way too hard to choose a favorite although I like Midnight Train , Beautiful, Shot Down, Till Tomorrow and If I Gave my Heart, and also the acoustics of Theresa..... GREAT CD and I recommend it to anyboby!!!!

A little of this...a little of that!
author: Laura
This album had me rockin and rollin in my kitchen, bedroom and in my car. It's a must have for all occasions. Joe's sultry voice keeps you wanting more ! :) The band incorporates a little bit of different genres of music which is a pleasant surprise in every song. Love this album! Can't wait for the next!! :)

A Timeless Rebellion
author: Terri McIntyre
When a songwriter comes along who stirs up this boiling pot we call life, something will spill over. It demands our attention. The brilliance of this collection is in the dynamics of subtle lyrics melded with powerful beat and moving melodies. Each song speaks to us about the way things are and the way they could be. Or are for those who rebel against complacence.

For examples, Midnight Train tells a story of someone who refuses to accept the notion that it's okay to brutalize another human being. Beautiful and Sculpture of Ice remind us not to beat up on ourselves, that we are lovable and beautiful.

Hello Raven is a masterpiece and, for me, the centerpiece of this album. Making life-altering choices ("Which song. . . ?") requires "the rebel soul" Roger Clyne sang about. The deep, deep tones seem to take us into the very depths of our soul where we come face to face with ourselves and who we are, then hurl us into the sky with a "beating of the wings" -- a sense of freedom to be who we want to be. That's my take on this stirring, haunting and powerful song.

Dignity of Rebellion is an album I will always treasure.
Dignity Of Rebellion (May 29, 2012)
I want to encourage everyone to go and support Joe's band. Joe puts his heart and soul into his music and it shows in his performances. The last time I traveled to AZ. to see the Joe Draper Band. We wanted more after their set was over so Joe and Ken did an acoustic set for us in the parking lot. That's what I call taking care of your fans.

Steve Morgan - Musician, San Diego, CA March 2012
(Mar 24, 2012)
By Ruby Cheeks/KDKB 93.3 FM

I was lucky enought to be tapped by the Hard Rock to be a judge in their
global band competition, "Hard Rock Rising". 86 cities around the world
are competing to ultimately send one lucky band to play at the famed Hyde
Park in London this July for the 3 day "Hard Rock Calling" festival. Last
night was the first qualifying round with The Black Sleep, Faith By Fire
and the Joe Draper Band each playing a 30 minute set. Judging is ALWAYS
tough but last night was especialy grueling for me. All 3 bands were
different and all 3 kicked it in their own way! At the end of the
judging, the Joe Draper Band nailed down the win for this round! Next
Tuesday, it's Round 2! Please join me and support local music!

Very Impressed!
Reviewer: Andy Lewis, Pipeline Radio, UK
'JOE DRAPER'-it's GREAT, it really is! There's something there that will appeal to everyone, I can guarantee it.

Joe is an excellent musician.
Reviewer: Steve Eichele
As a fellow musician I am probably more critical than the average listener, however, I found this young new artist to be extremely talented, a one man band. His musical abilities are quite remarkable and I enjoyed his raw style. He certainly has the talent and ability to go quite far in the music industry.

Joe Rocks On His Debut!!!!
Reviewer: Rob Alvarado
Excellent songwriting and powerful musical arrangements make Draper's articulate vocals stand out on every one of the tracks on this CD. There are elements of Old School Rock and Roll, Blues, and Folk that are woven throughout. Draper showcases a diverse vocal and musical style with tracks ranging from slow, folksy ballads to more energetic power rock jams. You can hear the musical influences of the classics from the Beatles all the way to AC/DC. One thing is for sure, these power guitars and vocal elements mix well to make one great debut CD. Keep ROCKIN’ Joe!

Reviewer: tmh
What an awesome collection. Listen to his words and hear his music. Joe draws inspiration for his songs from the world around him, and weaves that with his music. He plays with such passionate energy. Lately, my favorite is the blues-sounding Crying Shame, but they are all GREAT! Can't wait to hear more!

It's a cool breeze and a hot blast...
Reviewer: Rick J
Hot master guitarist Joe Draper's self-named debut CD is a perfect mix of understated vocals and staggering musicianship. Lovely lyrics, unforgettable tunes, and stunning guitar work have earned this CD an honored and timeless place in my music collection.

I don't want to stop listening!
Reviewer: Terri M
Each song is unique, but it's all rock n roll with a strong rolling beat and great melodies, true to blues/rock tradition. The lyrics are deceptively simple: they're all about love, but the emotions range from deep and honest to the tongue-in-cheek shrug. I hope to see more from this artist!

Great Sound
Reviewer: Mike S
No doubt this is a great album... from start to finish this album was enjoyable! The Blues and Rock N Roll mixture is awesome... Great Job!

This album bridges a little retro rock with x-generation feel
Reviewer: O. Sput Cutright
Joe manages to take a wide range of instrumental harmonics, cunning lyrics and make them into a timeless sound.

Great Music!
Reviewer: Ever Ruiz
Fantastic music. This is what I call a real musician. With his talent I can see him going very far in his career. Awesome job.

Very impressed with this debut album. If you love to rock then you'll love this album.
Reviewer: Charlie M.
All the songs are great, you run the gambit of different styles of rock and folk, hearing bits of Beatles, Led Zep, Stones, and for me sounds of Ricky Nelson and Tom Petty. Definitely a must have for anyone's cd collection.

Reviewer: Josue Alejandro
Joe Draper's CD reminds me why I fell in love with rock n roll to begin with. He has taken us back to the basics. It's an INCREDIBLE collection of songs. I enjoy it, every time I listen to it.

Every tune appeals to my love of Blues / Rock and Roll
Reviewer: Timothy McMahon
This is Rock / Blues for sophisticated taste, Rock and Roll with an edge that will cut to your heart and lead belly. I really love this stuff. When's the next cd coming out?

I Started Dancing!
Reviewer: Barb Gramm
Joe Draper is an accomplished musician who appears to "Have It All" in the music business. Joe's lyrics are great, he sings them well, and accompanies himself with a great beat; yet the sweetness of his soul radiates through. Dark Clouds Gatherin' got me dancing. Joe's CD has grown on me and I continue to play it again and again.

Fresh way of old style rock and roll
Reviewer: Sandra Boylan
Loved it, I want more. Can dance to this, or just enjoy.

Reviewer: ROGO

Reviewer: Scott
This album is just GREAT rock and roll. Can't wait for the next.