Hard Rock Cafe Global Battle Of The Bands!

Joe Draper and his band have a chance to play at Hyde Park in London this summer in the Hard Rock Cafe's global Battle Of The Bands! Please just go to the link below, download their free song and “Like” Hard Rock Café’s page. The nine bands with the most downloads get to compete. And if you don't mind sharing this link with your family and Facebook friends that would be very kind of you : ) Here’s the link to download their free song and vote: https://www.reverbnation.com/hard_rock_rising/440733 Wish them luck! P.S. They’d also like to ask for your permission to send you an email each time they play live. If you’re interested, please join the mailing list from the home page of this website! http://www.facebook.com/joe.draper3 http://twitter.com/#!/JOEDRAPER1

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