1. Brand New

From the recording Brand New


Lookin' down the tunnel
For a bit of light
Got to get myself away
Been workin', workin', workin'
But I feel all right
'Cause now I get a chance to play

I'll hit the track a runnin'
But before I go
There's a thing I know for sure
It wouldnt be a shadow of a magic time
If it wasn't spent with her

She's got the power to move me
She sends sensations right through me
She makes me feel like a brand-new me

I won an invitation into happiness
And I cant believe its true
Arm in arm with heaven in a pretty dress
And a very different view

Hold me close forever and for one more song
Wake me to a perfect dream
No one could've told me it would feel this strong
Show me how an angel sings

Vocals, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar and Maracas: Joe Draper
Drums: Ken Mosley
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Nate Gray
Produced by Joe Draper
Published by Joe Draper Music [ASCAP]
All Rights Reserved