1. Midnight Train

From the recording Midnight Train


I met a man, a most peculiar guy, he said,
“My name is Hatred and here’s the reason why: I
Never found a good reason to give-
And I got a bad impression from the times that I did. So
I clammed up in my menagerie
To show emotion, that would be a catastrophe
Livin’ a life alone in a stone -cold world
Married to an image, a material girl
Can’t get enough of her
Though I get rough with her
One of these days I might even fall in love with her.”

I said, “Man, that’s a sad state of mind.
I may be young but I sure as hell ain’t blind. I’m
Searchin’ for a girl, someone to be a friend with.
It seems that all you’ve got is insecurity to contend with
And you’re a‘ freezin’
And there’s a reason
It seems to me that your view is out of season.”

I took a ride on a midnight freight train
Around the world inside of my own brain
I was an artist with substance and depth
With critical acclaim and the fame and all the rest
I had fun and always kept it cool
I played the song without playing the fool
I gave the people something real and pure
I told the truth without being insecure

I broke the trend without hatred or pain
Expressed human nature, human spirit, no shame
I stayed true to the ones that that I loved
I found peace, that intangible stuff
I stepped into the mind of James Dean
Had words with Brando and Mr. McQueen
Now I think I’m ready to head out on my own
Once again, here I am, by myself, but not alone

Words and Music Written and Arranged by Joe Draper
Lead and Backing Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars and Bass Guitar: Joe Draper

Trumpet: Steve Limpert
Drums and Percussion: Ken Mosley

Mixed and Mastered by Nate Gray
Recording Engineer: Patrick Bosse
Produced by Joe Draper
Published by Joe Draper Music [ASCAP]
All Rights Reserved